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A Word from Someone else for a change!

So as we have mentioned (quite) a few times on the Babble Facebook group, we are launching a social enterprise business, either this spring or by summer at the latest. Without giving too much away at this stage, I can let slip that indoor and outdoor rock climbing will be one of the activities at its core and that Graeme has undergone the necessary training to be a Rock Climbing Instructor.

So that he could get some teaching practice in prior to launch and to generate some reviews for our forthcoming website, we offered folk the chance to have an hour of "free" teaching by Graeme at Braehead Climbzone or The Glasgow Climbing Centre. Today we met Emma for a wee session at Braehead, and she kindly wrote the following review, which will find a place on the website of our new venture once it is set up. Thank you Emma for your kind words and for allowing us to use the photos!

Emma: Those of u who know me will know I have a phobia of heights. This week, Graeme and Fibie from Babble Rock took on the unenviable task of teaching me to climb in preparation for an event in March. Fibie and Graeme, I can’t thank you enough for ur enthusiasm and words of encouragement when I warned u that I was going to be a challenging case. The patience u showed and, the reassurance u gave when I wrestled with my anxieties and wouldn’t let go of the holds. My goal was to climb 4m but within 20 mins u had me scaling the full wall! What an awesome team you make and I’m looking forward to joining u on ur future climbing adventures!

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