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Cornalees Nature Trail

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Trust me: some real magic often happens at the Greenock End O' The World. Down by that coastline and beauty can spring up unexpectedly with the play of the light, taking your breath away. You know: you sometimes pick a walk which is suitable for kids, take out a camera, and aim to post some pics online....and Inverkip isn't necessarily high on your list when you're plotting your afternoon. But honestly, there are some panoramas and sunsets in that direction which will stun you into silence, and I know I'm not the only one to think so: "Walk Highlands" has a dedicated page for the Greenock Cut and it's one of their 4-star rarities. I used to tease Graeme when he told me that neck of the woods was amazing....and then one night, in the winter of 2014 before I fell pregnant with Xan, and we were just on a bog-standard dog walk, THIS happened:

So it's a lovely place for a stroll: our most recent Babble Rock Walk started from the Greenock Cut Visitor Centre and circuited the Cornalees Nature Trail. It's a reasonably short jaunt which can be done within an hour or two. The presence of high boardwalks with ditch-drops below meant that we made the right decision to designate the next Babble Walk as "dog-friendly"....I could see that tots may have found it hard to keep their balance with dogs trotting past them. But overall this walk was flat, and definitely suitable for toddler legs with enough interest to keep the older kids and adults happy too.

We were really pleased to see some old Babble regulars - Lyndsay and her family - and to meet George and Caroline for the first time. Thanks to all of them and their kids for making this a really great wee circuit!

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