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Guest Post: Acadia National Park, Maine, USA by Rach Rostock

A huge "thank you" to our Babble Rock Facebook group member Rach Rostock for responding to our request for blog content by providing us with our first-ever entry in the Rocking Abroad category! This is a really lovely, evocative account of The Rostock Family's travels in Acadia National Park, Maine, USA. If anyone else would like to write a guest post for the blog, please get in touch via the Facebook group, and I will bite your hand off! (Not the one you write with, obvs....)

When my husband suggested we take our 2 ½ year old on a 7 ½ hour flight to America, I laughed in his face. When I somehow ended up on said 7 ½ hour flight to America and he told me we were going hiking, up a mountain, with said 2 ½ year old, I cried. (Ok so I didn’t really but there were a few choice expletives mouthed across the head of our unsuspecting toddler during the plane ride).

In all honestly I was pretty excited about making the trek with my wee one, and she was actually really well behaved (on the whole). We camped in Acadia National Park in Maine, which was beautiful. Fellow campers were very respectful (except for the chipmunk that broke into our supplies and ate our corn on the cob), and the sky at night was so clear you could see the milky way.

On the first day we visited a freshwater lake which my daughter and husband went swimming in (I bravely guarded the lunches against hungry chipmunks). Then we loaded our rucksack with a ridiculous amount of snacks, and set off up Cadillac Mountain.

It was a lovely, easy incline through dense forest for the first hour. I marched on with the wee one on my back, feeling strong and ever so slightly smug.

Then we reached the actual mountain


It was not such an easy climb, but it was made much more bearable by the slightly out of tune renditions of “You are my sunshine” on a loop, right next to my ear. My husband and I swapped at regular intervals, and she walked herself for a good portion of the hike upwards. She really enjoyed spotting all the cairns and different wildlife.

By the time we reached the summit we were exhausted, but the views were incredible it was absolutely worth it. The wee one was so impressed she fell asleep in the rucksack and her dad had to carry her all the way back (while I sang “You are my sunshine” slightly out of tune, just so he didn’t feel like he was missing out).

(All content courtesy of Rach Rostock (c) 2018)

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