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Guest Post: Devil's Pulpit by Wandermaw

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

As I've mentioned on the Babble Rock Facebook group, I really want to get as many of you as possible writing stuff for the website. So when our Facebook group member Lau RaStoops allowed us to lift this post from her Wandermaw page, we were really pleased! Welcome, and thank you Laura, for being the first-ever guest contributor on the Babble Rock blog!

Some gorge walking today at Finnich Glen aka The Devil’s Pulpit near Killearn! Amazing! What a place, it’s like a scene from a movie down there, kids loved walking through the ‘firewater’ trying to spot the water pixies. This has been on our list for a while but I didn’t want to attempt it with the kids until we had better weather conditions and found a decent parking spot! The location comes with a warning! There seems to be a few paths down into the Glen including the ancient and most popular Jacob’s ladder staircase. Even with the decent weather conditions I decided this way down was not for us today. I continued walking the path past the staircase and found an effortless sloping descent down to the end of the gorge. I then walked back along through the water! I couldn’t believe it turned out so easy as I was ready to walk away! I’ll post up the easier route which we walked today as it might be useful to anyone wanting to try it! Disclaimer* There are no rails or warnings along the path and the sides are open to a 70ft drop to the bottom, use your own personal judgement and enter at your own risk! One thing I’d recommend is footwear with a decent grip, trainers or walking boots that you don’t mind getting wet! I’ve already arranged a return trip so I can take decent photos and not worry about Archie the dog who was freaked out with the running water!

(All content courtesy of WANDERMAW (c) 2018)

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