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How to Make a Babble Rock Facebook Event

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

A few folk have asked how to make an event on the Babble Rock Facebook page, so here is a definitive guide!

Firstly, as you know, our Facebook page at nearly 1400 members, is much more active than this blog. On our Facebook page we share events that broadly fall into two types: Babble Rock events and events from other organisations with similar aims.

  • Babble Rock events have Babble Rock in the title and include things like walks, festivals and camps.

There is a third type of post we share, but not so relevant for this post - things like memes, photos, videos, that all promote the outdoors.

But as for making events....

Yes! Any member of Babble Rock can make an event, but there are a couple of things we'd like you to take account of if you do make an event under the Babble umbrella and share it on Babble Rock.

1) Disclaimers

It is really important that you put a clear disclaimer on the event so that people know these events are NOT guided walks run by mountain leaders. The disclaimer should clearly state that participants are responsible for their own safety and that of their kids. Furthermore it should make clear that we do not hold insurance for these events and we do not charge or profit from them. Here is the disclaimer I use, along with the information about cancelling/no-shows; feel free to copy and paste it:

IF YOU SIGN UP BUT ULTIMATELY CAN'T MAKE IT PLEASE LET THE ORGANISER KNOW BEFOREHAND otherwise we are waiting at the start for no-shows which is frustrating for everyone. The best way to do this is to change your event attendance where you signed up but failing that please put a message on the page or text/phone me on (your telephone number here)

This is a peer-to-peer walk by a group of friends. You are responsible for deciding if this walk is right for you and for looking after yourself and your kids. Babble Rock does not profit from your attendance, hold insurance for your involvement or accept responsibility for any injury or death that may result.

2) Include the whole group

Once you have created the event and just before posting, you will be given the option to tick a check box which invites those friends on your friend list who are also on Babble to the event. BUT if you check this box, whilst it does invite your friends (again but only the ones who are on Babble anyway), it does so at the expense of not inviting everyone else on the page. If you leave it blank, the invite goes out to everyone on the group, which is the kind of inclusive atmosphere we are trying to promote.

So to go through it stage by stage:

1) Open Babble on Facebook, hit the event button on the left-hand side, and select "create event"

2) A "dialogue box" will open: pop in the event details: title, location, time/date, frequency.

3) Write up the details of your event. Include the DISCLAIMER in the event description :-)

4) At the bottom of the page, the check box mentioned above will show. Please leave this unchecked. Because I'm a boring old sod, but also because making Babble an inclusive space for all y'all really matter to me, I'll reiterate why: If you check this box, it only invites your own friends from your friends list (but even then only the ones who are on Babble anyway) but it does so at the expense of not inviting everyone else on the page. If you leave it blank, the invite goes out to everyone on the group, which is the kind of inclusive atmosphere we are trying to promote.

Here are some links to recent events, past and future, to give you some ideas:

Puck's Glen: https://www.facebook.com/events/1350732768448080/

Lynn Glen: https://www.facebook.com/events/2530856950520324/

3 -day Kayak Camp: https://www.facebook.com/events/427643698044334/

I'd love you to add events to Babble Rock and I will do my best to come along to as many as possible. Please hit me with any questions you have if none of this is clear!

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 We are a family of five: Graeme and Fibie, our kids Miho and Xani, and our dog Moomin. We started Babble Rock in 2017, when we realised that there was scope for connecting families who wanted to do outdoor activities of all grades, ranging from a gentle stroll around a glen to a hillwalk; from a festival camp to a wild camp; from a quick session at an indoor climbing wall to a climbing holiday abroad. It doesn't matter what abilities you have, how skilled you are, or how experienced you are: the goal is to get active, do fun things with our kids, and make the most of the beautiful landscapes we are lucky enough to live amongst in Scotland. Our Facebook group is where most of the connecting and planning happens: on there, people post events such as camping, walking, climbing and kayaking, and if you like the look of one, you sign up and turn up.  Anyone can post an event and anyone can attend, and all our gatherings are free in terms of there being no charge by Babble Rock or by the event hosts, although obviously you are responsible for things like your own campsite fees or entry to climbing walls.

To join us, click the Facebook icon to take you to our group where the planning and posting happens! 



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