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lynn glen fairy trail

I actually wrote a post about Lynn Glen when we visited last year, so in many ways, you don't need to hear me droning on about it again at any great length! But equally one of my resolutions this year has been to write much more content for the Babble website, and that includes at least an account of every Babble event we do in 2020. Our Facebook group page, where we organise all our events, has grown to over 1,250 members in the space of just under three years. In that time we've done loads of events: ones that we've organised and run ourselves such as our hugely popular kayak camps, and ones, like the family-friendly Scottish festivals, that we've attended in a group of Babble Rockers. We've met some fabulous families, made brilliant friends and generally just seen what magic can be created when people who love the outdoors meet up to walk, climb, camp and kayak together. But the website has been the neglected partner in the Babble marriage: we're too busy off actually doing the outdoor stuff or communicating on the Facebook page to keep up with what we initially intended to do, which was make a record on here of all the events we've held. In fact, I'd say only a fraction have made it on here and that is a shame, as things do get lost on a Facebook group page once the event is over and done with.

So given that Lynn Glen was our first event of 2020, I'll have to write another post about it...but the pictures are what we're really here for ;-) With 4 stars on the Walk Highlands website, this 2km circular route is perfect for families especially with younger children. Its beautiful forest tranquillity makes you feel you've really got out into nature, yet it's short and easy enough for even the tiniest legs. For new parents, especially mums getting into walking after the birth of a baby, it's a really gentle route and a tot can be easily carried in a sling. For slightly older tots, the tiny fairy houses at intervals around the route provide interest and a walking incentive. Walk Highlands states 45 minutes: yes, for an adult pace. However we did it with kids ranging from 1-7 and it took a couple of hours. There is a waterfall for further spectacle and a pulpit with a bit of history attached as it used to be the domain of a fire-and-brimstone preacher of yore.

Thanks to all who came on the day: Graeme and Xani, George and Ella, Gordon, Victoria and Callum, Elva and Caoimhe, and Kate and Lillian.

Remember if you like the sound of any of our events, please click on the Facebook link here or on our homepage to join our group!

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