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New Year's Toddler-Speed Walk to Mugdock Park

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

New Year = resolutions! Last year I was extremely remiss in updating this blog, and considering we did some stuff, that's pretty poor. So my resolution this year is to actually write about the events we do, as well as doing as many as possible.

The New Year saw a huge influx of members to the Babble Rock Facebook group after one of our long-standing crew kindly shared it on another group, which we were really pleased about. It's always great to have new folk join, and it took us over the 700 mark, which for a closed group that's only been going for two years is great.

Our first walk of the year saw a few of us head off to Mugdock Country Park. Mugdock is a great location for a short walk with wee 'uns: woodsy enough to feel as though you're out in nature, but small enough that you're near to the start if little legs get tired. As well as woods, there are a couple of lakes (or a pond and a loch!) and the ruins of a castle which children invariably love to scamper around. This toddler speed walk caused a bit of mirth before we even started as my omission of the dash in between "toddler" and "speed" actually meant that one of our members was concerned it would be a toddler SPEED walk....a very different thing (and something I'd love to see...*thinks Nike Sponsorship*!)

But no...toddler-speed means we go at the pace of a very small kid with tons of snack breaks, pee-behind-the bush breaks, sit-down-and-play-with-mud breaks, refuse-to-walk-any-further breaks....you get the idea! The only things you need to bring on one of these walks is patience both with your own tots and with everyone else's.

We had a good little number for a walk at the beginning of the year when many folk are still busy and it's bollock-freezing cold! Graeme and I came with Xani and we met for the first time some of our members that we've only seen online, which was really great: Jen and Jerry brought Mason and Hannah, Ben came with Leo, and Dave with Cameron. Abby and Sol, who have faithfully joined in with Babble stuff in the past, also came and it was fab to see them again!

We took the castle route as the kids were desperate to see it, and they were brilliant. Absolutely no tears from start to finish (not that tears are bad) and they walked like little troupers, with the occasional carry from mum or dad. We lunched and played at the castle and then wandered back: it was freezing and we decided to stop while the going was still good.

Took my DSLR camera and drove everyone mad snapping, although they were nice enough to let me!

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