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Reading Eggs, Maths Seeds & COVID-19

I never thought I would be writing a post about a computer-based activity that has absolutely no connection to the outdoors whatsoever and not only posting it on the Babble Rock Facebook group page, but also publishing it on the Babble blog. But that was before COVID-19 changed life as we know it. People all over Scotland are in isolation; the remainder are (hopefully) practising social distancing. Schools and nurseries are closed until further notice, and parents are trying to work from home alongside kids who are heartbroken that their childhood rites of passage - leavers' parties, school trips, Easter gatherings, and playdates with friends as the evenings grow lighter - have been abruptly curtailed.

Against this backdrop, the Babble Rock Facebook group is no longer a place to plan outdoor group walks, kayak days, park meets and camps over the Easter holiday and beyond. Instead it's joined a growing number of Facebook groups sharing ideas and activities for children to do at home indoors, while the bizarre truth that your community stays healthier and safer when you limit time outdoors with groups of friends slowly sinks in.

I popped a post up on the Babble Rock Facebook group earlier about the exceptionally fabulous online programme that is Reading Eggs; in order to make it shareable outside the group, I've copied and pasted it here below.

Stay safe people; we can't wait to hang out with you on the 'Other Side'....

(And please do join us on Facebook here so you can participate in our outdoor events once this is all over! )

😍😍😍Reading Eggs 😍😍😍!!!

You can get a 30 day free trial of this awesome programme here: https://readingeggs.co.uk/signup/ About a year ago we paid around £50 for a years' subscription to Reading Eggs, and honestly, it is one of the best things we've ever subscribed to! In completely self-directed activities that take the form of games, it has taken my son from just-turned-three and only knowing a handful of Alphabet letters to just-turned-four and being able to read a broad variety of words and certain easy sentences.

It is an online programme, not a phone app, and he just enjoys it sooooo much. Did I mention, it is self-directed, so I don't need to sit there are do it with him unless he wants me to. There are activities for reading and maths from age 2 to age 13. We've done the Age 2-4 block and are now working our way through the Ages 3-7 block. My son is just an average nursery kid and not particularly 'academic', so when I saw him reading easy sentences just before his 4th birthday, having been "taught" to do that by a programme that has made him believe he was just playing computer games all along, I was stunned. Our initial year is up so we have had to resubscribe, but you can do it monthly. At £6.99 it's better value than Netflix and he'd rather do it than watch cartoons (because it feels like computer games, NOT because he is a brainbox and loves learning!) It has won a few awards too, as the screenshot shows, plus has great independent reviews here: https://www.verified-reviews.com/reviews/readingeggs.com?p=1) Here is the 30 day FREE TRIAL. I don't get anything out of recommending it (they obviously don't know where you've heard about it and they don't ask) so this really is a genuine recommendation :-) https://readingeggs.co.uk/signup/

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