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Sonic Kids up Conic Hill

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Our moderator Allan has recently been putting up some great, kid-friendly walks which are especially suited to families who don't yet have much hillwalking experience. These walks are shorter than a munro bag and much easier for little, or less experienced legs....or for adults who have to lug babies in a carrier! Quite a few of them are in the evenings too, which is great now that the nights are light for so long.

So on Sunday there was a walk up Conic Hill, kindly arranged and coordinated by Allan who was there with his three sons ranging in age from 6-11 years old. My two were there - Xani, aged two and a split, who did most of it on his dad's back but managed a wee toddle over parts of it, and Miho who turns 10 in August and hasn't had much hillwalking experience. For that reason I was concerned she may not enjoy it as much as I'd hoped so I was really pleased that one of our Babble Rockers, Michelle, chose this as her first event with the group and brought Rachel aged nearly-nine, and Emily aged 11 with her, which meant Miho had the company of two lovely girls. Finally, one of the regulars from Allan's evening walks, Jennifer, brought two boys from her brood of three.

Conic Hill is described on Walk Highlands as "a sharp little summit", which is pretty spot on. Trot up the steep steps, and meander along the easy, winding hillside path before suddenly the spiky hump of the summit pops up ahead, the whole effect being very like a dromedary. The kids sorted themselves into pairs/groups based on age/shared interests in Minecraft or musical.ly, and they were off like Sonic, at a speed & pace only equalled by Moomin the dog.

The route is a popular one...mutterings of "Sauchiehall Street" from Graeme were pretty inevitable, as he likes the quieter parts, but for sure he genuinely got a kick out of seeing the two little'uns doing a hill together on Father's Day. A stop-off at the Rowardennan Hotel for a coffee and a playground for the kids topped off a great day for all who attended.

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 We are a family of five: Graeme and Fibie, our kids Miho and Xani, and our dog Moomin. We started Babble Rock in 2017, when we realised that there was scope for connecting families who wanted to do outdoor activities of all grades, ranging from a gentle stroll around a glen to a hillwalk; from a festival camp to a wild camp; from a quick session at an indoor climbing wall to a climbing holiday abroad. It doesn't matter what abilities you have, how skilled you are, or how experienced you are: the goal is to get active, do fun things with our kids, and make the most of the beautiful landscapes we are lucky enough to live amongst in Scotland. Our Facebook group is where most of the connecting and planning happens: on there, people post events such as camping, walking, climbing and kayaking, and if you like the look of one, you sign up and turn up.  Anyone can post an event and anyone can attend, and all our gatherings are free in terms of there being no charge by Babble Rock or by the event hosts, although obviously you are responsible for things like your own campsite fees or entry to climbing walls.

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