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We're going to Wildhood 2019! We hope you'll join us....

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

I'm looking out of my living room window onto a muddy back garden, where the promise of snow earlier this week didn't materialise and there is no rotund frozen figure sporting a carrot-nose. Instead, the mire of wet leaves and clag has led my thoughts in the direction of....festival tickets! For the summer months! The glorious, Scottish, family-friendly festival circuit of 2018 saw us take in Knockengorroch World Ceilidh, Eden Festival, Kelburn Garden Party, and Doune the Rabbit Hole with our toddler and with other Babble Rockers, and we experienced a really magical couple of months where our wild camping and kayaking trips were punctuated by these wonderful festival weekends, the creativity and atmosphere of which put Glastonbury in the shade, imho.

The festivals listed above are billed as, and fit the description of, "family-friendly", meaning that between listening to awesome music such as Loki, Atari Teenage Riot, Broken Records, and Akala, there were activities for kids, from teeny tinies such as our 2 year old to the bigger kids, pre-teens and teens: face painting, arts and crafts, kids' yoga, slacklining, circus skills and much more.

This year however, especially because my 10 year old daughter will be attending with us, we think we have discovered a real gem: it will be our first time attending the Wildhood Children's Festival: billed as ".... a curated weekend of excitement and adventure for children aged 12 and under, to be enjoyed with their fun-loving families....an unplugged, safe and magical festival, celebrating nature, games, folklore, history, outdoors, traditional arts & crafts, dance and music - in a fairytale setting.... (the) backdrop of enchanting Scottish woodlands...the 17th Century (Tullibole) castle, an enigmatic maze, a beautiful moat, a few surprises and of course, the rare delight of revelling in life’s simple pleasures."

If that doesn't sound awesome enough, a look at the activities on offer in the programme convinced me that, if we end up only attending ONE festival this year, Wildhood will be where we go: "forest schools, mask building, floral crown making, tail making, scavenger hunts, storytelling, traditional games, festival flag making, readings, poetry, diabolo, hula hoop, juggling, dancing, flowerstick, balancing, stilts, musical walkabout, puppetry, campfire cooking, slacklining, owls, fairy training, singing, pony riding, unicorn riding, sewing, survival science, yoga, leaf rubbing, slacklining, floral art, history tours, ukuleles, nature talks, piping, Scottish faeries, celtic art, graffiti, samba, firelighting, stone carving, baby sensory, improvisation, play equipment, baby massage, boat building, traditional Scottish music, breakdancing, philosophy, sketching, pony & trap and WILDHOOD characters." And if this wasn't tempting enough, the reviews on Wildhood Festival's Facebook page from last year nudge it even further up into "must-go" territory: a resounding 5/5 from every reviewer.

Tickets for Wildhood Festival must be purchased through the official Wildhood Festival website here.

I have made an event page for Wildhood Festival on our Babble Rock Facebook group* where you can coordinate with me, and with other Babble Rockers who are planning to attend, so we can make sure we camp close together or arrange to meet up during the festival. Please also feel free to use that Facebook page to ask any questions about camping gear recommendations, travel sharing, or anything else relevant. Most importantly, don't be shy about asking me or Graeme for help with your wee 'uns (if, for example, you happen to be coming as a lone adult with your tiddler(s) and are wondering how you'll manage to pee with kiddies spilling out of your portaloo....we will happily all pull together and help each other out looking after our kids!!)

I'm planning on uploading a series of posts focusing on festivals: this being the first; the next one reviewing last year's four we attended and adding a few photos to get you in the mood; finally some GEAR REVIEWS of festival kit that we have found to be on the sliding scale from 'useful' to 'indispensible'. Don't forget to get in touch if you'd like to write any content for the website, either on the subject of festies, or on anything else connected to Babble Rock's theme!

*Remember, the "Babble Rock Goes to Wildhood!"event page is for friends who are attending Wildhood Festival together. It is NOT an official Wildhood Festival page, nor is it affiliated to Wildhood Festival in any official capacity, nor does it seek to profit from Wildhood Festival in any way whatsoever. Like all other Babble Rock events, it is just a peer-to-peer grouping of like-minded friends who are attending the same event 🙂 . As well as the Babble Rock page, do also sign up to the OFFICIAL WILDHOOD FESTIVAL FACEBOOK PAGE here and the offshoot of that page, their OFFICIAL 2019 EVENT PAGE here for up-to-date info put out by the festival organisers.

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