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The First Ever Babble Open Camp: September 7th-9th, 2018.... The Planning Stage

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

Babble Rockers have camped before...that is an understatement; we literally own camping with babies, toddlers and kids in Scotland! We've camped in various groupings of families and friends, but what we haven't done is a Babble Rock camp, open to all members of the Facebook group...until now! For the weekend of 7th-9th of September random members of Babble Rock have booked pitches at Loch Chon campsite and will turn up, many of us strangers to each other apart from our online interactions, to meet, camp, kayak and muck around in the waters of Loch Chon.

It's something that the moderators have wanted to do for a while now, but the logistics have always daunted us: how do we arrange pitch-booking for a group of people who don't know each other to communicate about the booking process, where do we choose to camp, what if there are too many (or too few!) folk taking up the offer?

In the end we organised it like this: initial discussions were had on the Facebook page about the possibility of such a camp, to see how much interest there was. The moderators then informed folk that they would book their own pitches on an as-yet unrevealed campsite and post details of the location along with a booking link. A few caveats were posted, reminding folk that, despite it being a Babble Rock camp, they were also responsible for their own safety and enjoyment on this event. The booking link was finally revealed and people booked their own pitches.

I'm pleased to say that, in a group of 500+ members, our concerns about over-and-under take-up didn't materialise: it seems that everyone who was available that weekend and wanted to come was able to book a pitch and we have ended up with 10 families attending.

The Trossachs Park authority discourages camping in large groups, and after chatting to the rangers on a few of my previous camps, I can totally see why. They have had one too many rowdy groups of drunken people who leave behind litter, sometimes human waste, and generally make a pain-in-the-ass of themselves. In our case however, we ARE booking as individual families and are responsible for ourselves as individual families. All the members who are coming are experienced and responsible outdoor folk, all of whom have kids and appreciate the beauty of the Trossachs, and none of whom are interested in creating a drunken shambles.

As both an organiser of Babble Rock and a person who just loves to camp and meet people, I'm really thrilled how it has turned out.

Watch this space for a post-camp review and hopefully pics of us all having a blast!

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